We teach traditional Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. We encourage our students to always ask questions, observe other styles, not just to learn theory but apply it to real life. We want our students to be the best, and to be “Academic Martial Artists” and understand why and how the techniques are used.

Our martial program develops each and every muscle, bones, and tendons in your body, building greater strength and health. Develop proper body conditioning in a fun safe way. You will quickly notice an overall improvement in endurance, muscle development, and flexibility.

Along with physical improvement you will also develop total concentration,focusing only on the present for optimal performance. Relearning how to center your mind to be aware of self and your environment. You will also relearn how to breathe, developing “breath control”, so that tiring activities will seem effortless and your “chi”, internal energy, will force circulation, strength, and balance.

In our adult classes, 13 years and above, you will learn lineage forms, traditional weapons, and the ability to defend yourself all ranges of combat from up-close to the ground. We also teach San Da, Shuai Jiao, and Lei Tai, which helps students learn proper response to emergency situations.