601 Upland Ave.  Ste. 112
Crozer Mills Enterprise
Upland, Pa 19013

Grant’s Kung Fu Academy offers kung fu classes in Delaware county.  We specialize in several Martial Art and Personal Defense Systems: Northern Praying Mantis, Wing Chun, Gao Style Baguazhang, Hebei Style Xingyiquan, Tactical Flashlight Defense, Personal Defense, and Firearms training. Our training blends the ancient Chinese Martial Arts techniques with todays need for fitness, conditioning and character building. All students are encouraged to ask questions, observe other styles, learn theory, and apply it to real life.  Every student of our school will become an  “Academic Martial Artist” understanding why and how to use the techniques they learn.   We are located at 601 Upland Ave. Ste 112, Crozer Mills Enterprise, Upland, PA. 19013 and we are minutes from I-95 & I-476 and Philadelphia. Click here for directions

 We encourage our students to always ask questions, observe other styles, not just to learn theory but apply it to real life. We want our students to be the best, and to be “Academic Martial Artists” and understand why and how the techniques are used.

Our martial program develops each and every muscle, bones, and tendons in your body, building greater strength and health.  Develop proper body conditioning in a fun safe way.  You will quickly notice an overall improvement in endurance, muscle development, and flexibility. Along with physical improvement you will also develop total concentration, focusing only on the present for optimal performance. Relearning how to center your mind to be aware of self and your environment.  You will also relearn how to breathe, developing “breath control”, so that tiring activities will seem effortless and your “chi”, internal energy, will force circulation, strength, and balance.

Adult Class

In our adult classes, 13 years and above, you will learn lineage forms, traditional weapons, and the ability to defend yourself all ranges of combat from up-close to the ground.  We also teach San Da, Shuai Jiao, and Lei Tai, which helps students learn proper response to emergency situations.

Combat Conditioning Class

 Are you ready to push yourself? In this class, finely chisel your strength, muscles, flexibility, and endurance.  With high intensity cardio, plyometrics, and body weight training, you can be assured you will see results quickly.  You will be amazed by how far you can push yourself, physically and mentally.  This class is open to all styles, and is a set of 6 weeks sessions

Children’s Class

In this class, 6-12 years old, children will learn lineage forms and sparring.  Also there is an emphasis on respect for parents & teachers,  guidance on setting and achieving goals,  training to say ‘NO’ to unhealthy peer pressure, and instructions on real life emergency situations.  Kids also are encouraged to compete in national competitions.

Little Mantis Class

In this class, ages 3-5 years old, have fun learning balance, coordination, discipline, & self-control with this specialized program. Gradually,  learn the basics of Kung Fu & when they complete the basics, they advance to our Children’s program.

Personal Self Defense Class

Feel safe when you’re alone.  In this class, learn the essential techniques that will defend themselves from any would be attackers.  Learn the right  and safe way to protect yourself and build the self-confidence and courage in different type of scenarios all while in a safe environment.  Learn how to use non- lethal techniques or learn how to use your firearm safely and in a controlled manner.

Kindest, Wisest, Awesome

Sifu Fred is one of the kindest, wisest and awesome people you will meet in your life. He teaches from the heart and with passion. He takes on each student with patience, discipline and empathy. However more importantly YOU WILL learn how to defend yourself and your loves. He teaches styles that all have an application to a real life situation. If you’re looking to become a professional fighter, he’s your guy. If you’re looking to educate yourself in a certain style for fun, he can take you into the depths of being a true martial artist. As a former professional athlete training with him has been the workout of a lifetime and also the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. If you want any of these things Grants academy is the place for you.

Moses II


The expertise of the instructor/Sifu. The atmosphere of the school is super inclusive.

Thomas Sheehan

Individualized Instruction

Individualized instruction, friendly atmosphere, real-world applications of what is learned in the classroom. Sifu Fred Grant is experienced, approachable, and cares about the success of each of his students. You will get a good workout and learn new skills, no matter what your starting knowledge is.

Amber Sheth

Practical Self-Defense Training

1) Practical self defense training. (you learn stuff that actually works) 2) Academic nature in terms of the knowledge you gain. (from the history of the art to the science behind the techniques) 3) Varied training routines. 4) Fun yet productive training atmosphere 5) Great fitness and workout regime

Sebastian Mintah

Awesome Instructor

Really awesome instructor, very knowledgeable about different techniques and how to counter them. Highly recommend!

Tuan Nguyen

Great Experience

Great experience. Great at teaching mantis application, form and function.

Brian Berman

Efficient Training

The fact that the training is very efficient and reality focused

Theodore Uy

Practical Applications

Sifu Grant always gave practical explanations whenever we’re learning a new technique and I appreciate how he explains the variations behind every technique we learn depending on the situation we’re in.

Julius Miller

Incredibly Skilled

Sifu Fred is incredibly skilled and is able to impart so much knowledge in the span of even a single class.

Skylar Thomas

Excellent Teacher

Sifu Fred is an excellent teacher and it is clear he knows his stuff. There is variety to his teaching which keeps the class dynamic and fun as well as challenging. I would highly recommend taking a class.


Amazing Philosophy

Sifu Fred’s teaching philosophy is amazing, he’s highly experienced and facilitates a great learning environment

Kira Simpson

Extensive Knowledge

Master Fred Grant had an extensive knowledge on martial arts and could breakdown any tecniqie to its most rudimentary forms. A tremendously effective teacher. He was also responsible, puntual and worked extremely well with students that came by, both longtime students and newcomers.

Angel L Padilla

Techniques and their Applications

Sifu Fred teaches our sons not only forms/techniques but he explains the practical applications to make sure they understand what they are learning. The atmosphere is open and friendly. And for some many other reasons we can’t picture taking our kids anywhere else!

Tina & Efrain Ortiz


I really enjoy the additional insight that my Sifu provides when I have any questions about the forms and their applications.

Luke Riedy

Very Friendly, Knowledgeable

Sifu Fred Grant, very friendly, knowledgeable. He teaches theory and application which gives a better comprehension of the skills that I have intended to acquire. I am truly acquiring skill, self confidence, self discipline

Heru A. El

Sifu Fred Grants Knows his Stuff

Sifu Fred Grant knows his stuff. He is very patient and can break down complex concepts really well. He also takes the time to explain reasons and applications for each movement, and will answer all questions. Definitely cares about his students and ensuring they mature as martial artists. The school is a wonderful environment and filled with supportive people. Ultimately, I highly recommend Grant’s Kung Fu Academy


Extremely Comprehensive Instruction

Extremely comprehensive instruction with extremely nice and wonderful people! Sifu Fred is a amazing teacher. He makes you feel as though you are capable and also ensures confidence in what you are doing as he gives full background explanation of each every instruction

-Megan Patton

Megan Patton

Extremely Knowledgeable

Extremely knowledgeable teacher with a western approach to teaching. Does not conceal his knowledge. One of the few teachers who can fight using their style rather than using MMA.


Great Teacher

He’s a great teacher.

  • Friday, August 16th, 2019
Barbara wittman